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"Best in Augusta"

"Keith is one of the best lawyers in Augusta. Keith kept me informed throughout the whole court process and showed he really cared about his client. If you want a great lawyer that cares about your case, choose Keith! Easy choice."

Avvo Review by Calvin

"Highly Recommend"

"Mr. Johnson is an extremely knowledgeable and professional attorney. From my first meeting i felt Mr. Johnson was listening to my issues and helping me decide what was the best course of action for the outcome was best for me and my case. He was always available when i needed him or was able to respond in a timely manner. His guidance and skill always let me know he was looking out for my best interest. Without a question if i needed representation again i would choose Mr. Johnson."

"Sober, reassuring, generous, professional."

"As a fourth year medical student, I got into legal trouble that not only jeopardized my career but had my own college at GRU and GRU chief of police coming after me and piling on (also in the media) with allegations that went beyond the court case, even before my first court appearance.

Keith negotiated with the prosecutor and got the case dismissed in just 5 weeks after the initial court appearance. In addition, he helped write a letter to my college explaining the legal situation and pointing out the allegations. Needless to say, Keith's sober explanation of possible outcomes and his reassurance along the way were helpful and much appreciated."

Avvo review by Merius Atangcho 

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