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Drug Offenses

In state and federal courts, you can be charged with possession, production, distribution, and/or trafficking in drugs. Keith Johnson has defended numerous men and women charged with these offenses. His results include winning not guilty verdicts on drug offenses and also having charges dismissed. His results frequently include having sentences significantly reduced.

Keith understands the importance the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution plays in narcotics investigations. He understands the process law enforcement officials must follow in order to introduce drug evidence into court.  He will defend your case against illegal searches or against confidential witnesses whose identities are hidden by police.

If you struggle with drug addiction, Keith will explore alternatives to prison in the form of drug court or other alternative sentencing options, and use his experience to get an alternative approved by the District Attorney and Court.

The sooner you contact Keith, the better chance you have of receiving your ideal outcome. Keith uses defense strategies in both state and federal courts that are unique to each client and each case scenario. He takes the time to carefully explore all options as well as educate his clients of the risks and options involved. You can trust that Keith will use his best efforts and experience to protecting your future.

Whether you have been charged with illegal use of prescription drugs, distribution of drugs, or trafficking in large amounts of drugs, we can provide the legal assistance you need to protect your future. Keith has a clear understanding of Georgia, South Carolina, and Federal drug laws as well as the most strategic approach to use against the prosecution. You can count on him to thoroughly investigate and challenge all allegations and evidence against you. He makes it a priority to fully educate clients on their constitutional rights and carefully explains the benefits and risks associated with his proposed defense strategies.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let us start developing a strong defense strategy against your drug charges.