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  • Keith B. Johnson, Attorney at Law
  • Keith B. Johnson, Attorney at Law
  • Keith B. Johnson, Attorney at Law
  • Keith B. Johnson, Attorney at Law

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Keith B. Johnson, Attorney at Law

Augusta Criminal Defense Attorney

Keith was named one of the Top 100 Criminal Defense Attorneys in the United States by the National Trial Lawyers Association. Keith was selected to the Super Lawyers 2017-2020 Georgia Rising Stars list, an honor reserved for those lawyers who exhibit excellence in practice. Only 2.5% of attorneys in Georgia received this distinction. In 2013, at the age of 30, Keith was appointed to serve as an associate Juvenile Court Judge for the Augusta Judicial Circuit. He currently serves as Chief Judge of the Juvenile Court, while still maintaining his private practice. Keith has handled thousands of criminal cases in Georgia and South Carolina courts throughout the CSRA. Keith serves as president of the Augusta Bar Association in 2018, which was founded in 1895.

We believe that being accused of a crime does not make you a criminal. With that in mind, we have a documented record of treating clients with the respect and dignity they deserve. You will never be just a number at our firm. We are committed to excellence and achieving the best possible results.

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"Hands Down the Best"

"I can not express enough through reviews how blessed I am to have had Att.. Keith johnson and his VERY VERY helpful paralegal Sheena representing me in my case.

I was accused of Aggravated Assault x3, and when the incident occurred I was scared and I was confused. I knew I was being charged with some serious crimes and before I got to deep in the judicial process the ONLY thing I knew was that I needed a lawyer to help me through it. I called SEVERAL lawyers the day after the incident before I turned myself in and Att. Keith johnsons office and Sheena was the ONLY ones to answer my call so I immediately trusted Mr.Keith and his entity to help me get through the process comfortably to protect my rights and prove that what the state was trying to accuse me of was not conducive with my character. The day of the incident before researching or meticulously looking up local lawyers criteria, Sheena hastily contacted me and immediately set me up an appt with Keith.

When I first met Keith, the energy and vibrations he resonated, was nothing less but professional, confident, transparent, zealous, and very upfront and straightforward. I immediately felt comfort.

Keith constantly reminded me to stay focused, motivated me, and OFTEN reminded me to stay focused, relax, and just keep working. What stuck out the most: I would contact him when I was nervous or unsure about my fate, he would tell me “I got you brother, try to relax” which immediately offered to me relief and gave me strength to keep positive while my case unfolded.

Proof: Keith was there every step of the way, at bond hearing, he got me bond.... while I was working even though I was stressed about what my outcome might be, Keith did everything in his power to work my case and remind me that he will take care of me. Not knowing if your going to prison for years played a huge mental role on me that Keith made very easy. He’s at every calendar call, he answers emails super quick, his paralegal sheena always answer and they answer all questions so you can understand every step of the process.

To make a long story short, I was facing 20+ years in prison for my charges and because of Keith’s professionalism and relations and familiarity with the Richmond County DA and Judicial system I was able to walk away with just 3 years probation, and upon completion all counts being erased from my record and unsupervised probation at that. YOU WANT PROPER REPRESENTATION, there is nobody better I PROMISE. Because of Keith I’m able to continue on with my life goals.

He’s a family man, he’s a hard worker, he’s honest, he relates to you, he’s professional, and he works hard to fight for your rights. I’m in NO WAY disappointed with my decision to allow Keith to represent me, he was definitely God sent and he has strong Christian values and poise that is nothing less than respectable. I HAVE ONE LAWYER FOR LIFE and that’s KEITH B JOHNSON. You will not be disappointed with Keith the work he puts in for his clients. You will never feel like a client, you will be treated with respect and he will listen to your story no matter what your charge is. HANDS DOWN the best attorney to walk this soil, if you don’t believe me check his reviews and his stats. He’s respected and he’s humble.

He’s the reason I’m able to write this review and continue growing. He is the reason I have a second chance to prove my case doesn’t reflect who I am as a person. He is he reason I could marry my fiancée and continue with my employment. Keith is the reason I’ve learned so much about judicial processes and terms.



From the bottom of my heart, I can’t thank this firm enough. I’ve never been so relieved and happy I “accidentally” ran into the greatest lawyer around in my life. Without Keith I would be behind bars, instead I can continue to live my life. Thanks"

Avvo Review by Anthony 

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