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Federal Criminal Defense

Federal prosecution can be intimidating to the public because many times investigations have been conducted by authorities for prolonged periods of time. If you have been indicted in US District Court or have been contacted by federal investigators, please contact our firm immediately. Time is of the essence in federal prosecutions. Many federal trials begin approximately 70 days after your first court appearance due to the Federal Speedy Trial Act.

We have successfully defended clients in federal court on charges such as bank and mortgage fraud to federal firearms and drug charges. We are knowledgeable about the federal sentencing guidelines and will explain all scenarios to our clients, including pretrial diversion, joint plea agreements, jury trials, and appeals. 

Keith has significant experience in defending federal criminal charges. He clearly understands the complexity of federal criminal procedures as well as federal sentencing guidelines that can significantly affect your outcome. The federal court system rarely offers probation or parole; therefore, if you are convicted, you will likely have to serve your full sentence. In the face of harsh federal penalties, you need a professional advocate on your side. Keith B. Johnson is a criminal defense lawyer known for his tenacious approach and skilled strategy when it comes to defending your rights. From investigations to trials, Keith works hard for you at every turn. Keith will carefully explain your constitutional rights as well as help you understand the risks and benefits involved in our proposed defense strategy.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Keith B. Johnson about your federal criminal defense case. We understand that every client and case is unique and Keith uses his depth of resources and legal expertise to protect your rights accordingly.