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Felony offenses

If you are charged with a serious felony that carries that potential of a lengthy jail sentence, please contact us today. It is very important to contact our firm very quickly after being charged with a serious crime. Keith understands the stigma associated with felony or charges. He has successfully defended men and women charged with serious offenses and has obtained favorable results for his clients. We will carefully scrutinize the government's case in order to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your likelihood of being successful at trial, while also pursuing a thoughtful defense which will tell your story to the jury.

We understand that your job, reputation and freedom are at stake when facing serious criminal charges. Choosing Keith B. Johnson to defend you could mean the difference in a lengthy prison time or acquittal from trial. It is imperative that you have a seasoned defense lawyer who is not only knowledgeable about the state and federal laws surrounding your serious crime, but who also knows how to implement legal strategies to get you the best possible outcome. Keith B. Johnson diligently examines all aspects of prosecution’s case and can file motions to suppress evidence or expose ways in which your rights were violated by law enforcement. From your initial hearing to the final trial date, you can trust Keith B. Johnson to be a strong advocate for your rights.

Depending on the specific circumstances in your criminal matter, you could be facing penalties ranging from a loss of license to a lengthy prison sentence. Keith B. Johnson is experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to felony offenses at both the state and federal level. With his past service as a prosecutor at the District Attorney’s Office in Augusta, as well as many years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer, he understands the necessary legal strategies that must be implemented to reduce or reverse your charges.

Your outcome after serious criminal charges could be dependent on how quickly you seek legal representation. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Keith B. Johnson to start building your defense today.